RACES – 2019

  • MAY:
    • Severn Bridge parkrun (Sat 25th)
  • JUNE:
    • Clevedon AC 10k (Tue 11th) 
    • Nailsea RC festival 10K (Fri 21st)
  • JULY:
    • Ashton Court parkrun (Sat 6th) & Mob Match 10K (Fri 19th)
  • AUG:
    • 401 10k (Sun 25th)
    • 401 Half Marathon (Sat 24th)
  • SEPT:
    • AXA 5 Road race (Midweek TBC)
    • Bristol Half Marathon (Sat 15th)
  • OCT:
    • Cardiff Half Marathon (Sun 6th)
    • Nightingale Nightmare 10K (Sun 27th)
  • NOV:
    • Eastville parkrun (Sat 9th)
    • Weston AC prom run (TBC)
  • DEC:
    • Weston AC Christmas Cracker 10K (TBC)
    • Clevedon AC Boxing Day Race (Sat 26th)

RACES – 2020

  • JAN:
    • Weston AC Hangover 10K (Tue 1st)
    • Thornbury RC Riverbank Rollick 9 Miles (Sun TBC)
  • FEB:
    • Nailsea RC Ironwood 10K (Sun TBC)
    • Burnham Parkrun (Sat 22nd)
  • MARCH:
    • Spring Fling Awards Night (TBC)

Web Links:

  • www.westonac.co.uk
  • www.nailsearunningclub.org.uk/club-races
  • www.clevedonac.co.uk/races
  • www.parkrun.org.uk/
  • https://www.nice-work.org.uk/races/401-Fest-Sun
  • www.nightingalenightmare.co.uk
  • http://www.thornburyrunningclub.co.uk/trc-races/

Main Championship Rules:

  • For these races, first place gets 20 points, second gets 19 points and so on down to 10 points minimum for all runners. Male and Female runners are scored separately.
  • All runners in the Mob Match will get 5 extra Championship points (Note: You cannot play your joker for the Mob Match).
  • The final results will be taken from each runner’s best 12 Championship races.
  • You can nominate a single Main Championship race in advance to play a onetime only Joker. For that race, you will gain double points.
  • Club members can nominate one non-championship race and receive points, as part of the club members best 12 Championship races. For example, if you complete 9 Championship races, you can add a non-championship race and receive points. If you complete 12 or more championship races, your best 12 championship races will be counted only.
  • You need to inform the Championship Organiser in writing (Email, Text, and IM etc.) the DAY BEFORE THE RACE.
  • PRC Club Colours to be worn at ALL championship races except Nightingale Nightmare & Christmas Cracker where Fancy Dress is actively encouraged.
  • Championship races may be subject to change.

10K Championship Rules:

  • The final results will be taken from each runner’s five fastest (Mob Match is not included) 10K Championship races, these races are: June 2019: Clevedon AC 10k (Tue 11th) & Nailsea RC festival 10K (Fri 21st) – August 2019: 401 10k (Sat 24th) – October 2019: Nightingale Nightmare 10K (Sun 27th) – December 2019: Weston AC Christmas Cracker 10K (TBC) – January 2020: Weston AC Hangover 10K (Tue 1st) – February 2020: Nailsea RC Ironwood 10K (Sun TBC)
  • Places will be decided by the lowest cumulative time of each runner best five times from the seven races
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